Dior Homme - Fashion show Fall / Winter 2013/14 (with itw)

Welcome to Gattaca. Andrew Niccol's sci-fi film served as the base of inspiration for Kris Van Assche, who placed his latest Dior Homme collection in the futuristic spirit with white lacquered decoration and athletic, clean-cut silhouettes. Suits were among dark tones and jacket buttons were replaced with zips, waists were belted and gathered in the back, trompe l'oil plastrons were placed on the front. A graphic motif of a triangle within a circle was present throughout, while metal straps endorsed overcoats and shoes. The designer transported his subjects into the future, combining sporty allure with the elegance of a clean-cut shape. It's evident in Dior Homme that tomorrow's super heroes face the world with class as Karl Lagerfeld finds it one of Kris Van Assche's most beautiful collections.

Kris Van Assche :
It's a way of displaying the label's signature, which is the black suit, the white shirt and the black tie. It's been a while since I have put the suit in the beginning of the show and I've worked so hard on a new, more athletic silhouette, for a man better prepared for his future, so I said to myself, here we have it, the label's modified trademark, a bit like the film « Welcome to Gattaca »where we try to genetically modify humans to better prepare them for their future. I like the idea of facing the future with confidence.
But a futuristic touch, sporty, really something sleek, clean, as always. Something very futuristic, really almost sanitised but in the right way.

Karl Lagerfeld :
I find it great, I like the colours, the details, the allure, the silhouette, I find it perfect, one of the best, if it isn't the best, I also love the khaki, the blue marine collections but I find that it's a good evolution and mainly as it doesn't look like the old Dior, it's really personal, modern, elegant, it's perfect.

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